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World Travel Map – A Friend and a Tool

World travel map collectors have long known how nice it is to sit in the comfort of your own home and gaze at the wide world without having to get out of their easy chairs. A world map is a wonderful gift or thing to dream over whether you are a traveler or a dreamer. Everyone has had the experience of first realizing that a map wasn’t just a picture or illustration but an actual representation of the wide world. In terms of childhood fantasies, many an explorer, vagabond, or traveler got their start by gazing at the maps which came each month in the National Geographic magazine.

For those who are actually on the road, a map can be a priceless item to have in their possession. The best maps offer insights and information about the places that travelers visit such as major sights to see, things of interest, and even restaurants that are worth eating at. These aren’t like those maps you get at the gas station when you need to get from Topeka to Las Vegas. They offer more than just the highways and byways of the roads. Instead, a good atlas will give you the important information in addition to the means to travel from one place to another.

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Many a traveler has their travel map pinned up on the wall with many brightly colored pins sticking in the destinations they have visited. Sometimes the pins are coded in a way that says something like “Red is the places I have been, Blue is the places I have lived, and Yellow is the places I want to go someday.” Of course the color scheme is different depending on what you like or want to say about the map on your wall.

Things to look for in a good cartography example are accuracy in terms of distance, extra features such as mileage charts, city guides, camping icons, and even political information. A world travel map is really more than a tool, it is a friend.

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