Women Traveling Shoes

Women Traveling Shoes – Make The Right Choice

Women Traveling Shoes – Make The Right Choice

Women’s Traveling Shoes – When the idea for this article was originally compiled, my goal was to do research and then provide practical advice about the best shoes to buy and use when traveling. Shoes seem like a relevant topic because even an experienced traveler as admitted by my girlfriend, “I carry too many shoes while traveling and sometimes I don’t even have the right partner.” I find that shoes are not only a relevant topic for female travelers, shoes are also an interesting topic – the search for shoe topics on the Internet brings me to their history, interesting facts and photographs of many shoes that look great.

So, when I found some strong suggestions for choosing shoes that are comfortable to travel (see below), I felt compelled, like almost obsessed, to continue to study the topic of shoes. Below are just a few of what my research revealed.

Some Shoe Facts

  • The average American woman has 30 pairs of shoes – the average man is 4.
  • 8 1/2 to 9 is the average size used by American women.
  • 35% of US women wear larger than size 9 (including celebrity Paris Hilton who sailed in size 11).
  • A recent study in the UK revealed that 4 out of 10 women had bought shoes that they never wore. This translates to more than $ 130 million (US dollars) in shoes that are not worn (this article was written by a man).

Some Shoes History

  • Scientists speculate the first shoe was made from animal skin during the Ice Age to protect the feet.
  • The findings of the largest shoes from prehistoric times belong to Native Americans in Missouri and date from 8000 BC.
  • In ancient Egypt, shoes, in the form of sandals, became more than just foot protection and were used to show wealth and power.
  • Marie Antoinette has 500 pairs of shoes. The only job of the waiter is to catalog his shoes based on color, date and style.
  • At least 6 pairs of ruby ​​sandals were made for the film The Wizard of Oz, 4 of which have survived to this day. One pair on display at the Smithsonian and another pair sold at Christie’s auction for $ 165,000.

What do I conclude from this mixed information? First, the Internet can be an unexpected depth and I need to learn when to withdraw from the computer. Second, regardless of how often the word “obsession” occurs during my Internet research about women and shoes, that topic will always fascinate me.

Choosing the Right Shoes to Use When Traveling

Feet bear tremendous pressure during daily life. The average day of walking brings strength equal to several hundred tons to your feet. During the trip, you will stand up and walk more than usual. The success of your trip can depend on having comfortable shoes. Unless you are going to be hiking on a track that is not maintained in the wilderness, walking or running shoes is the best. Below are some tips from the American Podiatric Medical Association to buy the right shoes and get the right one.

  • It sounds basic, but make sure the widest part of your foot matches the widest part of the shoe. Make sure that the shoes fit in front, back and side – to distribute weight.
  • Shopping for shoes later; feet tend to swell during the day, and the best is to be installed when they are in that condition.
  • Try shoes when you wear the same type of socks you expect to wear with these shoes.
  • Don’t rely on your last shoe size. Your feet grow in size and vary in size.
  • Are your feet measured when you stand.
  • Always buy for bigger feet; foot size is rarely exactly the same.
  • Always try both shoes, and walk around the store.
  • Don’t buy shoes that require a “burglary” period; shoes must be comfortable immediately.

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