Choose Spain For Honeymoon

Why You Should Choose Spain For Your Honeymoon

Why You Should Choose Spain for Your Honeymoon

Choose Spain For Honeymoon. If you are quite familiar, Spanish music is very romantic. Spain itself is a great country that offers so many beautiful attractions to visitors from other parts of the world. So, if you want to be surrounded by real Spaniards, people, music, food and tourist attractions, then consider a romantic honeymoon in Spain, where else.

Are you engaged to get married or are you married? This country is one of the main destinations for an unforgettable and unique European honeymoon. There are only many places that you can visit with your loved ones, so choose wisely according to your personal preferences and budget.

While In Barcelona

While in Barcelona, ​​the most romantic place to explore is Magic Fountain of Montjuic. You can find here a large fountain here built in 1929 by around 3,000 workers and which shows fantastic performances of different water acrobats, colorful lights and classical music. We highly recommend this place for men who are still planning marriage proposals for their brides.

In Jaen, located in the south-central part of Spain, especially in Andalusia, Cazorla National Park provides a stunning environment conducive to romance. You can take a walk here and climb to mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Away from the hustle of the city, this place is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and truly a Spanish gem. Other areas that need to be explored are the historical structures of Jaen such as Saint Catalina Castle, Saint Ildefonso Church, Jaen Cathedral, Arab Baths, Art Museum, and San Andres Chapel.

While Around Andalusia

While around Andalusia, you might also want to visit La Alhambra in the Granada area. This place is suitable for romantic walks because of the peaceful and romantic atmosphere. La Alhambra is a popular monument in Granada because of the old Moorish Palace in a place built in 1492 for the last Muslim Emirate of Spain and the park Genarlife. It also offers beautiful architecture, beautiful courtyards with colorful flowers.

We strongly recommend you to Caceres for honeymooners in Europe. Old City, for example, is a wonderful place to experience together with your loved ones. There are many old buildings, churches, palaces, and rocky roads that you can explore. Being a peaceful place, you can spend a relaxing and intimate holiday here as long as you want. You can do whatever you want from morning to night without having to worry about large crowds and traffic.

Visit Lanzarote too and enjoy beautiful beaches and amazing views there. Located in the eastern part of the Canary Islands. Famara Beach is highly recommended because of the long stretch of sandy beach where you can laze in the sun or swim in the waters. The small village of Famara is also worth a visit for its relaxed atmosphere.

Finally if you like classical and modern music, visit Canary Islands where you can have fun at various entertainment venues on the premises. They held an annual music festival there which featured some of the best classical music. By local and international artists and conductors.

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