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Travel Bloggers to Help Plan Your Trip to Africa

Best Africa

Traveling to Africa may sound scary and mysterious, but in reality it is easier to explore than before.

The most difficult decision is actually deciding which country you want to visit and what kind of experience you are looking for. Do you prefer hotel establishments or long distance safari camps? Do you want to go back to the beach or make a leap from one safari destination to the next?

Unlimited opportunities, like the thousands of wildebeest you will meet if you travel to Tanzania and Kenya during the annual migration!

In Odyssey Africa, we want to work with tourists to adjust their ideal journey, regardless of experience or budget. This is our goal to showcase the beauty of Africa and inspire tourists to visit this continent. By doing so, we make a list of travel bloggers to help you plan your Africa trip.

Inspired by their direct account through fantastic pictures and stories.

1. Best Africa – Bush Bonded Girl

Rachel Lang was born into a family of wildlife lovers in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and now follows her passion as a freelance writer – finds wild African places. He is a true African expert, adventurer and storyteller. He brought knowledge and creativity to every work he wrote and every picture he took, but especially those that included elephants. They are his favorite animals on Earth. Explore Africa through his eyes on Instagram and taken to beautiful Botswana.

2. Finding Kenya

Is Kenya at the top of your safari bucket list? If so, you want to immediately follow, Zainab Daham, explorer behind Discovering Kenya. With a mission to arouse interest, inform, and inspire readers about the wonders of Kenya, you will find insights about extraordinary camps and huts, conservation efforts, tribal communities, city life, and Kenyan clothing and fashion. This is your one-stop shop to get all the travel inspiration you need to plan your perfect safari to Kenya.

3. World pursuits

Cameron and Natasha from The World Pursuit are currently on their way through Africa with a newly purchased Landcruiser. With maps and cameras drawn at any time, they are determined to put Africa on a travel map and share their adventures in real time. You can expect an account that includes 5-star dream huts, camping trips, roadblocks, and of course a pile of personal, photo and video suggestions.

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