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Travel Guide: Asia Safety Travel Ideas

Travel Guide: Asia Safety Travel Ideas

Asia Safety Travel occupies 25 percent of the Earth’s landmass, which covers a large number of time zones. Having one travel guide for the whole of Asia is almost impossible. Asia, as is the case with other continents here, is a basic travel tip for some of the countries that are probably the most common in Asia.


Recommended tourist attractions in this country are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, both of which are modernized. All tourists in Vietnam, except citizens of Thailand and the Philippines, will need a tourist visa before entering the country. In terms of health, Malaria is prevalent in Vietnam, maybe it’s best to bring them with you anti-mosquito lotion to avoid being a little.


Except for the usual ban on narcotics and life-threatening weapons, radio cassette players are banned on the island of Bali, which can sometimes become a major tourist spot in Indonesia. Any objects with Chinese characters written on it are also prohibited in Bali.


Thai people are quite religious and quite loyal to the monarchy. You will often see images of kings around the city, never mocking him. Thais also consider the head as the highest body component, regardless of whether spiritual or physical. Don’t touch anyone in your head, and try not to point at anything with your feet.


It is best to bring light and cool clothing in Malaysia. You will usually find food stalls in cities that sell local dishes, Tarik tea, and pancake-type pancakes, which are worth a try when you find them. Malaysia has several religions, you will usually see, various Christian churches, Muslim mosques, and Buddhist and Hindu temples may be present in every city.

The Philippines

The Philippines has 7,107 islands and islets; the beach is the main tourist spot in the country. You will find a number of museums and historic landmarks in Manila, the nation’s capital. Boracay Island is a country that has white sand beaches.


Hong Kong is the main destination for some travelers. It lies in East Asia, near China and also the South China Sea. Formerly, hired to Fantastic Britain, Hong Kong was officially returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong offers diversity in culture, religion, and lifestyle.

Chinese, (Cantonese) and English are the official languages ​​here. So foreigners, who plan to leave, should have no problem exploring, and experiencing the culture of this vibrant place; because English is widely spoken here.

The Hong Kong dollar is the currency used here. 1 US dollar is approximately equal to around 7 Hong Kong dollars.
People get to know Hong Kong because of its unique energetic vibrations, special food, and beautiful palate. Then, Hong Kong provides several high-end luxury shopping areas that rival expensive streets in Shanghai, London and Paris. But the best places to shop here are unique shops and street markets that show the charm and uniqueness of locality.

General advice

Every country in Asia has its own currency, although up-end companies will accept dollars, there are only a few of them. It is best to have your cash replaced at your local bank. Some hotels also offer cash exchange, but generally at a lower exchange rate.

As with the types of choices adults have to make, it is usually really important to know the area they will be visiting to familiarize themselves with the law, the best tourist sites, free web content, and also the types of men and women they have. to deal with.

Going to a location without having any idea of ​​what it is is just as poor as visiting the wilderness with wild animals roaming everywhere and there are no gadgets to protect them.

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