Travel First Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit – What Is Very Important That Must Be Packaged

Travel First Aid Kit – What Is Very Important That Must Be Packaged

Travel First Aid Kit – Are you wondering what to take as far as first aid when planning a trip? If you want to know what to include in your trip’s first aid kit, you have to determine what type of trip you will take. Whether you are going on a camping trip, sailing around the world on your own cruise ship or on a business trip in Asia, you should think about carrying a first aid kit, however, the content will vary depending on what time and type of trip you are taking.

The first thing to do to find out what you have to bring is to think about what type of medication you use regularly. If you use certain types of prescription drugs, you must bring enough supplies for the duration of your trip. Also, ask yourself what medications you use regularly. Do you prefer Advil than Tylenol? Do you use Tums, constipation or diarrhea medication? Of course, whatever you need, important bandages and medical supplies in an emergency, plus sunscreen.

If you are far from all medical care, you have to bring more than if there is a lot of reliable medical assistance close to where you are going. If you are hiking, remember that you have to carry all this equipment so that you are not too heavy!

Here are some of the basics you should consider in your special first aid kit:

Walking and Hiking: Bring supplies to treat blisters, crooked ankles, poison ivy, scratches and cuts, sunscreen, burning skin cream, insect repellent, insect bite creams.

Camping Trips: Bring supplies to treat burns such as burning gels, first aid creams, bandages and tape, water purifying tablets, insect bite creams.

Great Outdoor Trips: Tweezers for lice and flakes, alcohol pads, insect repellents, insect bite creams or sprays & bee sting kits, allergy medications, snake bite kits.

Journey to Developing Countries

The following is a basic list that can be suitable for most types of trips. If you are expecting a greater emergency such as a broken bone, heart problems, gunshot wounds, etc … you need to plan more intensively as possible with the help of your doctor. Whatever happens, register yourself in a first aid course to learn great first aid skills that will teach you to use your supplies.

  • analgesic (Tylenol, Motrin, Nuprin, Advil, ASA, codeine)
  • Anti-nausea medication (Gravol)
  • Anti-diarrhea medication (Imodium, Kapec, Pepto-Bismol)
  • antibiotics such as Cipro, Nebcin, Zithromax)
  • rehydration liquid (Gastrolyte, Pedialyte)
  • antifungal cream (Canesten, tea tree oil)
  • antihistamines (Alegra, Benadryl)
  • topical antibiotics (Polysporin, Mupirocin, Bacitracin)

Medical Supplies to Pack (many of these are included in the standard first aid package)

  • antiseptic
  • bandaids
  • Bandage tensor
  • Sterile needles, suture supplies (eg Steri Aid Kit)
  • tweezers
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • thermometer

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