Healthy Travel Foods

Top Healthy Travel Foods For Triathletes

Top Healthy Travel Foods For Triathletes


Healthy Travel Foods – Do Have you ever traveled to a triathlon, stopped at a grocery store in your rental car, were fresh from the airport and starved because healthy travel food was brought back to your hotel room, rental house, condo or apartment? Are Have you ever traveled far to a triathlon and needed healthy travel food for real food to eat while on the go? Have you ever wondered if there are healthy travel food alternatives for canned, jerky and mixed trail food when you are on the go? Then this article was designed for you, because these are top healthy travel food items that I took at a grocery store to make fast food when I was traveling.

These are all perfect energy sources for fuel racing on the road. So print this list and take it with you on the next triathlon trip, and you will feel more energy, perform better and stay slim! You will not need access to a luxury specialty grocery store and as a bonus. You can also use one of these tips to prepare for a fast and healthy home meal.

Green Mixes

Healthy Travel Foods: Spinach / Green Mixes – During a week of traveling, I use spinach and green vegetables for two main recipes: salads and packs. Darker vegetables are more rich in iron. Although some varieties such as bok choy or kale can be slightly chewy and not good in the wrapper. This is one of the ingredients that I always buy more than I thought I might need, because if there is, I will eat it quite often as a wrapper or salad-base, and thus less likely to eat more with more calories . solid food.


Healthy Travel Foods: Avocados – Full fat that is full of appetite and wrapped in a natural protective layer, avocados, like tomatoes, can be cut and used as salad toppings, or sliced ​​and placed into packs. Do not choose avocados that are too soft, which also cannot travel well, and rot faster.


Healthy Travel Foods: Yogurt – Follow the same rules as cheese: if you are lactose intolerant, replace soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or coconut milk. Plain nonfat yogurt is useful as a low-calorie topping for packaging, both with fruit and nuts for breakfast, and is flexible enough to be used with almond butter and dark chocolate as a dessert.

Almond Butter

Healthy Travel Foods: Almond Butter – Compared to peanut butter, almond butter is higher in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and is lower in potentially inflammatory omega 6. For this material, I usually buy less than I think I need, because it’s easy to eat too many calories from almond butter. Use with breakfast and dessert, as mentioned before.

Cashew / Walnuts / Almonds

Healthy Travel Foods: Cashew / Walnuts / Almonds – I usually mix this with fruit and yogurt for breakfast, throw into packs for extra calories and crunch, or take a handful to satisfy your appetite in the afternoon. Choose options that are fresh, raw, and not fried.

Salad Dressing

Healthy Travel Foods: Salad Dressing – Perfect for salads and wraps, salad dressing is the smart choice only if you can find variations with A) olive oil base; and B) no high fructose corn syrup and added sugar. Look at the top of the salad dressing rack for smaller designer varieties, which will more often meet these criteria. In an emergency, just take a small container of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

Sweet Potatoes

Healthy Travel Foods: Sweet Potatoes – If my trip involves physical activity, such as cycling, walking in large quantities, or triathlons, then these tubers are the core of my carbohydrate intake, because they “burn clean” and also have high amounts of vitamins , minerals, and beta-carotene. In an emergency, they can microwave it for 5 minutes, but it’s better to boil for 20 minutes or bake for 40 minutes. Usually, I will salt and eat it plain or serve it with almond butter and honey.


Healthy Travel Foods: Fruit – If I travel to a new or unique area, I usually experiment with fruit varieties that are hard to come by at home, in the state of Washington. For example, in Florida, I can store juicy oranges and grapefruit; in Hawaii, supplies of fresh or pineapple papaya; and in Thailand, take a handful of dragon fruit. Fruit is perfect for mid-morning snacks, salad toppings, or extra breakfast.

Black Chocolate

Healthy Travel Foods: Black Chocolate – Full of antioxidants and sugar and milk lower than milk chocolate, 70% + dark chocolate is a good night drink snack after a day of traveling, and is also useful for sweetening oatmeal, breaking pieces into yogurt, or dipping almond butter. I keep mine in the freezer.

To wrap it (no puns), I very often eat a main diet of packs and salads while traveling, coupled with fruits, nuts, potatoes, yogurt or milk-based snacks. You will be surprised at how healthy you are to eat it and how delicious you can feel this food just by using healthy foods listed above. If you want a little extra flavor, take salt, pepper, turmeric and cinnamon. These four herbs can really dress up any food that we discuss in this article. Finally, if you don’t pay attention, one of these healthy travel foods can be perfect for you to eat in the comfort of your own home too. Enjoy your meal!

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