Top 4 Places To Visit In Ecuador

4 Top Places to Visit in Ecuador

Top Places In Ecuador is famous for the Galapagos Islands off the coast. This must be seen, but Ecuador also has many interesting and interesting places to explore during holidays in Ecuador. Here are the top 4 places that visitors to Ecuador must see in a Latin American tourist adventure.

Top Places In Ecuador

A Mini Tropical Paradise

Mini tropical paradise, full of waterfalls and outdoor adventure opportunities. a mini tropical paradise between Rio Pastaza and several volcanoes, a truly beautiful location. The atmosphere of a small town in the city is almost as charming as its environment and the city is full of bars, restaurants and good shopping opportunities. One of the most popular things that can be done in a mini tropical paradise is just visiting all the closest waterfalls. There are more than 60 of them! Manto de la Virgen waterfall is near the city, towards the southeast, and the first waterfall is good to visit. There is even a “Waterfall Route” that you can follow that will take you past the top of a green mountain and pass at least 20 waterfalls. When you are tired, you can relax into the hot springs in the area.

Top Places In Ecuador – Cuenca

Cuenca is a colonial treasure of Ecuador and declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 by UNESCO. The city is full of charming stone streets and whitewashed buildings, making simple streets around the city a fun activity. The city was originally an Inca city which called itself Tomebamba then the Spaniards founded it in 1557. Cuenca has been called “Athena Ecuador” because of its classical beauty and because of the history of residential philosophers, artists and writers.

Top Places In Ecuador – The Galapagos

Galapagos. No trip to Ecuador is complete without a visit to the famous Galapagos Islands. Visiting this location requires more planning and is more expensive than other Ecuador locations, but it is very valuable if you are an animal lover. In the Galapagos, you can walk side by side with big wild animals that are not afraid of humans. Turtles, iguanas and sea lions are just a few of the creatures who will surely get amazing photos. These islands are also home to unique bird species, such as boobie blue feet.


Guayaquil is located on the south coast of Ecuador and is often the launch point of the Galapagos expedition. Our city is full of shops, companies and visitors, a busy and typical port city. The climate here is tropical, hot and steamy. The city has a very lively nightlife and beautiful malecon for visitors to take a walk.

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