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Top 10 Adventure Travel Gadgets

The 10 Best Adventure Travel Gadgets

Adventure Travel Gadgets – My only warning with this article is that while you may be a flash-packer, don’t flash, travel safely and get adequate insurance. Give locals a Rio Favela overview Your latest iPhone application might seem like a good idea at the time but it is not always conducive to the longevity of ownership. And before any Rio Favela residents commented on this article about how nice their environment really was and questioned exactly what I was insinuating ‘Rio Favela’ only used as an example of a place that became ‘flash’ is not always wise.

1. iPhone & battery lengthener

THE 2009 gadget and is still the best smartphone on the market. iPod, great browser, 000 Applications, cameras, videos, 3G, maps … You got the idea. I suggest you also buy a battery charger too, there are some on the market (CaseMate, Ipow etc.). As we all know, the last thing you want happens when you will beat your opponent at Scrabble or send an email to the office to let them know that you need to run out of juice for another month.

2. Kindle & Case

The Amazon Kindle is an E-book reader (if you don’t know it yet). They are only sold in the US but are now available all over the world with smaller global and free wireless screens through Amazon’s Whispernet 3G. So now you can download the latest Mills & Boon bestsellers directly into the depths of the Amazon jungle.

Adventure Travel Gadgets – The latest version also features text to audio so you can read books to you if you are too lazy or busy reading. I suggest you also get the Patagonia case for protection and in an effort to make yourself look a little ‘flash’.

3. GPS with Waterproof Case

I’m not talking about taking Tom Tom which will only be ridiculous. My advice is pocket GPS, there are a number of these gadgets on the market (good Garmin eTrex) that allow you to do all kinds of useful calculations (some say it’s useless). With a waterproof case, you can take it to a windsurfing or windsurfing kite and find out how fast you go and how many kilometers you have traveled. What will you do without it?

4. Go Pro HD Cam

Watch the video and you will see why this little device is in my top 10 list. Go Pro has made small sports cameras (for helmets etc.) for several years and the HD version is the latest and the best. Different versions allow you to stick to handlebars, helmets, boards and more. We all know that it is very difficult to get decent recordings.

5. Small laptop & backup battery

The key, if you are going to bring a laptop (which in my opinion is a good idea), is to take a small one and get a second battery. I also recommend you get non-flash ‘nonsense’ that looks durable. Not recommended is the bright red-colored Acer ‘Ferrari’ laptop – while the envy of the home office will soon become another bright red Acer Ferrari laptop if you take it with you.

6. Noise canceling headphones

Anyone who has bought this (and especially if they have children) swears by them. I bought some expensive Shure and I thought they were very good. They work very well when you have constant background noise like on an airplane. My advice is to buy some earplugs rather than the big Bose style headphones – again being a little more secretive paying dividends and reducing tear potential and insurance claims.

7. Shortwave radio

An old man but a good person. A small pocket short wave radio will allow you to hear vibrations from BBC world services from almost anywhere in the world. While some of your neat gadgets might have FM tuners, they might not have shortwaves which is really what you need unless you only want to listen to local songs singing their latest songs constantly.

8. Digital cameras

Clear but important. The question here is whether to take a decent Digital SLR or a small pocket digital camera. On my next trip, I will take the Canon Eos 40D Digital SLR. My philosophy here is that you only tend to make this big trip little and far between and when you come back all you have is memories and photos. I want to take the best photos I can. The disadvantage is that taking a camera that big can mean you don’t use it often.

9. Swiss or Leatherman Army Knives

One of the few things on my list that was around 10 years ago. Both Swiss Army and Leatherman knives are very good and useful in a variety of large situations from sticks which are very important to take things from your teeth and make sandwiches (not necessarily in that order).

10. Solar powered charger & universal power supply

There is nothing worse than having all these gadgets and no power so my recommendation is to buy a solar powered charger with all the necessary adapters. There are some good ones on the market so I would not recommend a particular brand or model.

A universal power supply is also a good idea so you won’t get a bag full of chargers the size of your clothes bag.

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