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Best Travel Accessories 2019

Best Travel Accessories 2019

Best Travel We are big fans traveling as lightly as possible, especially when it comes to best traveland accessories. They are often expensive, unreliable, too heavy, and easily broken, and most of them are not very useful.

However, many times, we found great travel gadgets that ticked all the boxes, something so good that we found space for them in our bags and carried them all over the world.

This is our recommendation for the best travel accessories that are worth buying in 2019.

Anker Powercore 13000 Portable Battery

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are getting thinner and lighter every time. It makes them look great and easy to carry, but that means there are rarely those who last more than a day from an electric socket.

It can only be arranged in everyday life, but not so much when you are on the road, so we have spent a little time tracking the best portable batteries for travelers, from companies like Jackery, Anker, RAVPower, and others.

Our top overall choice is Powercore 13000 because of its compact size, high capacity, and the best value for money.

MAKETECH Travel Power Strip

If there is a certainty about travel, your accommodation will not have enough sockets for all the gadgets you want to charge. Even if with a miracle, there is not enough travel adapter to get around when you are abroad.

This small Maketech travel power strip deals with both of these problems. It provides two North American AC sockets and three USB sockets, in a strip of only 4.2 “.

There is a three-foot cable, and can handle attractive gadgets up to 1250W. The total USB power output is four amps, which is enough to charge multiple smartphones simultaneously.

Note that it has a three-pronged grounded connector, so be sure to get a compatible travel adapter (as suggested below).

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