Spanish Travel Food

Spanish Travel Food – Why Spain Is The Top Foodie Destination

Spanish Travel Food – Why Spain Is The Top Foodie Destination

Spanish Travel Food – I first discovered Spanish food at a tapas bar in New York City and immediately fell in love. Since then I want to travel to Spain and experience the real thing.

I finally had the opportunity to visit Barcelona, ​​the main purpose of this trip was to experience many tapas bars and extraordinary food and culture. I am not disappointed and intend to visit again in the coming years for the same reason – food!

really enjoy this country, its people and its lifestyle and can see myself living there. Shopping on the market and cooking with the most amazing ingredients – especially fresh seafood and pork products.

Own Food Specialties And Traditions

Spain has many personalities and profiles of different tastes from Andalucia to Galicia to Catalonia and everything in between – every part of Spain has its own specialties and food traditions. I prefer more traditional Spanish cuisine and how to eat. For example, roasting baby pig and pintxos/tapas mainly because you can taste the history, culture, and spirit of the country.

Tapas is a very social way of eating without the ‘rule’ that you have to have a salad first then a dessert in that order – you can enjoy whatever you like and as much as you like, you are not limited to just one or two things that make eaters don’t get bored and allow someone to easily try new things.

In my experience, Spanish cuisine, in general, is traditional or modern, they always prepare it with pride and respect for the country and its ingredients. Spanish cooks not only want to feed your hunger but they want to touch your soul and seduce your mind! In Spain, eating is not just something someone does because of the need to survive. It is experience and a way to connect and connect with those who prepare food and those you eat together.

I believe the food culture in Spain is something that many Americans are just beginning to understand and appreciate. In the US, people sometimes have negative or no views about food. Because so many people in the US have health and weight problems. People often view food as something bad that you must avoid and dislike.

Spanish Food Has A Distinctive Taste And Creativity

Many people are raised in an environment where little or no emphasis is placed on food. It is only a form of sustenance that lacks flavor and creativity. I feel that people are starting to rebel against this way of thinking about food and begin to realize that food can be a positive thing. When travelers return from experiencing food in Spain, they can’t help but talk about their dining adventures. The buzz is increasing and anyone who is seriously interested in exploring new foods cannot help but add Spain to their list.

Another reason why people start receiving Spanish food is that American food culture is very boring. People quickly take meals between tasks, they swallow take-out which is reheated while watching TV and many people want to add more flavor and excitement to their food but don’t have access to unusual ingredients or restaurants in the area they. These people are ready and willing to experience something different and fun. Because Spain is very friendly and has many things to offer visitors besides excellent cuisine. It is the perfect destination for culinary lovers.

Also, there is a growing segment of the population that has found a desire for food. Especially from different cultures and looking for what they can’t have – a bar-hopping tapas experience, delicious cava and my personal favorite – Jamon, something you can’t easily in the US. You can order your cured pork and your old Manchego online. You can sit on an American interpretation of a Spanish bar but this is an empty experience. Nothing compares to the real one.

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