American Travel Etiquette

Some Valuable American Travel Etiquette

Some Valuable American Travel Etiquette

American Travel Etiquette – I love America and I am proud (and have privileges) to be part of this great country. Unfortunately, I am not always proud of my American colleagues when observing their behavior outside the United States. Americans have a bad reputation as people who are arrogant and shy. The problem is, it’s often true. When traveling, I witnessed this behavior and always did I know those people? With the current global political environment and US foreign policy that often fails, it is more important for Americans to show the world that we are not monsters. To achieve this, simply practice the following ethics when visiting other countries:


Remember, you are a GUEST in their country. Some other countries may move more slowly than America. The fact is, cultural differences are one of the most popular reasons for visiting foreign countries, so DO NOT complain about the steps. Don’t underestimate service personnel. America is not the only big country in the world.


Respect your policies, rules, habits, and individual countries, regardless of how unnecessary, inefficient or uncomfortable you are. Just keep your comments to yourself and be friendly and polite. Some policies that you consider “uncomfortable” might actually be due to problems they experience with other Americans.

Social status

Please don’t act like you are better than others. First of all, YOU ARE NOT. The good fortune of living in a rich country like America is a privilege that most of us are born together, and do not earn.

Sports / Religion

The whole world may not share your taste in “sports” or religion. In fact, the most popular sports in America may be less attractive in your destination. In addition, religion is very personal and most people are very dedicated to their beliefs. Respect our differences and feel free to show interest and support for cruelty-free sports.


The world has not adapted the universal ranking system for quality accommodation. “5 stars” quality in one country may be “3 stars” in another country. Traveling around the world must be a fun adventure that is meant to enjoy the culture, history, and sites, and NOT just for luxury accommodations.


One of my favorite quotes is “I don’t believe in tips, I believe in excessive tips”. Make a lasting impression; generous tip when traveling outside the U.S.

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