Mactan Island Philippines

Mactan Island Philippines – Make Your Tourist Attraction Next

Mactan Island Philippines – Make Your Tourist Attraction Next


Mactan Island Philippines – History, culture and religion, you will not find flaws on Mactan Island. The legendary battle of Mactan Island involving the famous Portuguese conqueror explorer Ferdinand Magellan and the Filipino hero that people have claimed Lapu-Lapu is only a small part of what they actually offer the island. Written history began during Magellan’s exploration of the Philippines. People say that in 1200 AD, Filipinos began migrating south and inhabiting most of the islands, but we cannot be sure. Most of the history before 1521 A.D. originating from oral and / or archaeological data, therefore it is not reliable.

Magellan discovered the Philippines while looking for a westward route to the Maluku Islands, where he then ordered his ships to dock at the edge of Homonhon Island. Magellan then guided to Cebu where he claimed the Philippines as a Spanish territory and ordered that the Philippines pay tribute to the Spanish ruler Infante Carlos, Prince Molina, or Charles V. Lapu-Lapu one of the two chiefs of Mactan Island, opposed the Spanish government and refused to pay tribute to the king. Magellan brought 49 people to Mactan Island. Unfortunately the beautiful coral reefs of Mactan Island which stretches about 50 meters from the coast will not allow Magellan to use their superior firepower at around 1500 opposition. Magellan died in battle, and now there is a monument that celebrates Lapu-Lapu’s victory, and remembers the death of Ferdinand Magellan.


The Lapu-Lapu Temple was built to honor the Mactan Lapu-Lapu heroism in fighting foreign oppression. Today he is considered one of the first national heroes of the Philippines. Others might refer to this place as a temple of freedom, and can be seen free of charge because it is one of the main tourist attractions on Mactan Island.

Magellan’s marker is believed by some historians to be the exact location of Magellan’s death. Located near Lapu-Lapu Temple and can also be seen without charge. This landmark was built in 1866 in memory of Portuguese explorers.

You can do Filipino Culture regularly on many of the 12 resorts including the island. These performances depict tribal dances and sometimes reenactment of the historical history of these islands. You can easily get information about this quality entertainment from almost all places on the island.

Diving and snorkeling in open water is the island’s main focus with a dozen marine sanctuaries, 30-50 meter reef walls. And beautiful white sands make this past time very interesting. Each resort specializes in diving, and can offer you a quality experience. We recommend that you plan scuba diving so that you get basic water certification before traveling.

How to get to Mactan Island:

Once you arrive in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, you must arrive at the fast ferry. All drivers in Cebu City know where this is. You can take a traditional trip or call a taxi to the ferry. Prices are very reasonable, but I suggest you barter; foreigners seem to get high and abnormal starter prices. Once you arrive at Mactan, you can take a taxi or traditional trip to one of the 12 resorts spread on the island.


  • Cebu Beach Club
  • Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa
  • Cebu White Sands
  • Cordova Reef Village Resort
  • Costabella Tropical Beach Resort
  • Days Hotel Cebu
  • EGI Resort and Hotel
  • Maribago Bluewater Resort
  • Mactan Bay Plantation
  • Mactan Island Resort Shangri-la
  • Tambuli Beach Club East Wing
  • Tambuli Beach Club West Wing
  • Waterfront Hotel Mactan

Food and Drink:

Food is one of the biggest disappointments, there is not much traditional taste, and most places to stay are in your resort. When the resort gets you, they plan to keep you there. I would suggest you go to Cebu if you want to see more choices of restaurants and bars, it’s a ferry ride. And some fun and entertainment. Most of the time I will say trust your driver where to go, he usually knows the best place for your money and stomach.

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