Argentina Travel Food

Knowing What To Eat In Argentina

Knowing What To Eat In Argentina

Argentina Travel Food – If you really want to get a feel for a country. Eating, as the locals do, is an important part of the experience. This is especially true in Latin America where eating is taken seriously and is an opportunity for leisurely enjoying time with friends and family.

To get the true flavor of a place, you need to avoid not just the American fast-food chains but also the typical tourist restaurant and eat where the natives go. In Argentina, this means feasting on some of the country’s most famous cuts of beef and barbecued meat. Washed down with copious amounts of full bodied red wine.

Just remember:

Just remember: in Argentina, it is customary to eat late, with evening meals sometimes lasting until way after midnight.

When it comes to Argentina, eating like a local, more often than not, means meat. Grilled and barbecued meat and asado are especially well-known across the country. While beef, especially steak and ribs are among the most commonly eaten options, goat and lamb is also eaten, especially in Patagonia. Chimichurri is the sauce that comes alongside your carne (meat) asado.

Argentina Travel Food

If you’re looking for something to take with you on the go, try empanadas. Cheese, chicken and meat are some of the many stuffing found in the small pies, along with many others. They make great alternatives to sandwiches when you want something for a snack or a bag lunch when going on a day trip.

In addition to the culinary influence from the Spanish dating back to colonial times. There have been many European immigrants to Argentina. These relative newcomers, particularly the Italians, have also influenced the food choices greatly, particularly in such cities as Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario. Here such foods as pastas and pizza are commonplace.

For dessert options

For dessert options, many incorporate the use of dulce de leche. This they make by slowly cooking milk and sugar until they make a type of caramel. It is often spread over cakes and pastries, in particular as a filling between cookies called alfajores. Italian ice cream or gelato is also frequently available.

Argentina Travel Food

There’s no doubt that Argentina is wine country and it produces a phenomenal amount of delicious varieties, particularly reds, for really reasonable prices. You also enjoy coffee, but basically Argentinean is the drinking of yerba mate. Put the plant leaves into a special cup or pumpkin, add water and then inhale through a straw.

The largest meal of the day is typically lunch and you will find that many businesses close during the lunch hours. A serious meal, this is a time when you won’t find people using their desks to eat lunch, like you often do in America.

Many people will go home at lunchtime to with their families and will take their time to do so. If you really want to experience eating like a local, make friends with some native Argentineans and go home with them for a traditional lunch or asado.

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