Google Maps Application

Google Maps Application Internet Map For Travelers

Google Maps Application Internet Map For Travelers

Google Maps Application – The “World map” website is loaded with global coverage of GIS data. Various data to vector images, 3D models, multi-angle to display, can roam, can zoom. Coverage of Chinese data from all Chinese macro-regions to microscopic cities, villages.

For the general public to log in on the “world map” site, you can see vector 1: 1000000 data coverage worldwide and 500m resolution remote sensing images, including version 1: 250,000 public versions of map data, and navigation of electronic map data, remote sensing images with satellite resolution of 15 m and 2.5 m, covering more than 300 cities at the prefecture-level above 0.6 m remote sensing imagery with satellite resolution, and other geographic information data. As well as data sources in the most complete geographic information service in the territory of China.

“World map” portal, user access to the Internet can easily reach the level of various types of GIS data, 2D, 3D search, determination of name search positions, measurement of distance and area, points of interest marked, screenshots Print other general operations.

Progress stalled after the February 1 deadline in the past, the Google Maps application for Internet map service qualifications. Recently the National Geographic Mapping Information Bureau said Google “is still in the approval process. In other words,  There are two aspects that do not meet the application requirements.

The Analysis Of The Latest International

The analysis of the latest International data they submit to Google is not good news. Google maps from domestic cellular phone clients, web maps, application market access maps (API), market share from the bad side or more. People in the industry for IT Times reporters, very realistic. To achieve the relevant provisions of Google may still have a long way to go. Google Maps business will greatly affect.

Recently, Deputy Secretary of National Geographic Information Mapping for Song Chaozhi, Google Gu Xiang, a Chinese joint venture company to apply for qualifications has two problems: First, in line with relevant staff qualifications is not enough; Second, the server must be in an area that cannot be done.

Analysis of the International Analyst Mercedes Benz DVD Player Yan Xiao Jia told the IT Times report that in normal circumstances, complete information, including application submission, personnel training process, the fastest 28 working days, the unit can apply qualifications.

Reasons from last year to apply for a long time are still deadlocked, with Google, local resilience, Yan Xiao Jia’s analysis: Valley Aerospace Corporation. Therefore, Many things with limited rights and can only listen to American remote controls. Stating this they knew him in the training of the National Survey and Mapping Bureau staff, missed this opportunity. Then, And now wants to test the qualifications, not what you want to test. To wait for the next training, appraisal of holders. Then, At least from the staff in this Filing Points article, waiting for the next opportunity to take time. ”

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