Epic African Safari

Go On An Epic African Safari

Go On An Epic African Safari

Epic African Safari – Do you ever feel a bit tired of living in the concrete jungle? It’s easy to go along throughout your modern life despairing at the sight of building after building. In some cities, there are few green spaces or older buildings to refresh your eyes, and spending a day in front of the computer means that you may not even want to once you get there.

So what’s the solution? Many people go on holiday to escape the tedium of their corporate lives, but they just end up in a jungle of another sort with a package beach holiday. Is it really that exciting to spend your holiday in a smaller, warmer version of your own home country? For some people, this is good enough, but it certainly isn’t for all of us. So what do you need to do in order to escape your everyday life and really experience something completely different?

The answer is to go on an African safari. What could be more different than your office-based, work-driven life than a set of safari game drives across the open plain, seeing animals you’d previously only seen on TV and experiencing the smell, the views, and the incredible sensations of Africa? Very little, if you ask me – and that’s why this is a total change from your everyday life.

Trust me, your only regret will be that you have to go home at the end of the trip.

So what do you have to look forward to if you embark on a luxury African safari? There is plenty for everyone to do. Your primary attraction will naturally be the game drives. These involve, at their most basic level, having a guided tour you and other tourists at your lodge around the African countryside, tracking the elusive animals and looking for some great sights. They don’t always happen, because animals are by nature unpredictable, but a good guide will make the experience worthwhile no matter what you see.

The safari lodges themselves are often worth writing home about. Luxury lodges have their own appeal, with lots of cushy amenities and unusual experiences. Private reserves are your best bet to catch the big five, as they are often quieter than the public parks. This means the animals roam a bit more freely and as such you’re more likely to see them; they haven’t yet learned to stay away from the vehicle routes. Even then, jeeps in these regions can often go ‘off-road’ which means you’ll be even closer and can continue to track more exciting animals as you wish.

An African safari is an exciting experience for all ages. There are plenty of kid-friendly lodges, so if you’re imagining your next dream family trip, a trip to Africa could definitely be it. If you’re looking for that essential change from your regular corporate life in a big concrete box, you simply must consider an African safari. It’s time to get back in touch with nature.

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