Food Worth Traveling

Food Worth Traveling For Secret Tourists

Food Worth Traveling For Secret Tourists

Food Worth Traveling – If you like food, then you like to travel, because there are many delicious dishes out there that are just waiting to be discovered and eaten. But is the food worth the price of a plane ticket? In this case, it must be …

1 Pho, Vietnam

This famous noodle soup is a small bowl of delicacy, the perfect balance of herbal broth, beef which the chef slices thinly, fine rice noodles and crispy bean sprouts on top. Pho is a little different in every Vietnamese city you visit, but it’s all good.

2 Bluff Oysters, New Zealand

They are only available for a few months a year, but these salty and soft oysters are appropriate for your travel time. Many Kiwis seem to like those who are battered and fried, but I become natural all the time. Find out more about traveling to New Zealand here.

3 Pad Thai, Thailand

You can get good Pad Thai in Australia, but nothing is close to items that you can buy on the streets of Bangkok for a little more than a dime. It’s spicy, sweet, sour and delicious. Find out more about trips to Thailand here.

4 Bratwurst Mit Brot, Germany

How well can simple sausages be obtained? You will find it in Germany when you order “bratwurst mit brot”, or sausage with bread, a local staple food that is best eaten when drinking beer, or eaten in the morning after drinking beer. Find out more about traveling to Europe here.

5 Tacos El Pastor, Mexico

On the streets of Mexico City there are sellers who sell typical Mexican snacks: their corn tortillas fill it with pork they soak in pineapple juice, and then they bake in kebab style with rotisserie. Throw some coleslaw and you’re ready to go.

6 Nasi Lemak, Malaysia

This is the Malaysian version of the champions’ breakfast: a plate of delicious coconut rice with spicy curry, boiled eggs, a few slices of cucumber, and some dried anchovy. Well, that’s the way to start your day that day too.

7 Carne Asado, Argentina

If there is one thing they like in Argentina – apart from Diego Maradona and political turmoil – it is meat. And they know how to do it well. Come to any steakhouse and order “ojo de bife”. Your life will change forever.

8 Umami Burger, USA

There are a lot of big burger joints in the US, from In-N-Out on the West Coast to Shake Shack in the East, but my favorite is the chain that people call Umami Burger, a place that serves juicy meat bread filled with umami’s goodness. Find out more about traveling to the US here.

9 Arroz Con Pato, Peru

Peru is best known for ceviche, but one of the most delicious and delicious dishes is the one you find the most in the northern part of the country: arroz con pato, or rice with duck. This is fried rice with vegetables and served with roasted duck feet.

10 Spaghetti Carbonara, Italy

The pizza is delicious. Good Prosciutto. The fact is that almost every piece of food you put in your mouth in Italy will taste good. But nothing will be as delicious as well-made spaghetti carbonara. Try it in Rome. Find out more about traveling to Europe here.

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