The Fashionable Clothes For Man

The Fashionable Clothes For Man

Fashionable Clothes Man

Fashionable Clothes Man do you want to be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes, whether its your college, workplace, night club or home? Do you wish to get noticed and make the right impressions at the right time? Looks go a long way in making or breaking your reputation in a social circle. Presentation is the key to super stardom in a competitive free market economy. If you look good, a plethora of job options instantly become available to you. You might be an absolute failure at academics or special vocational skills, but good looks themselves improve your survival skills. A company would love to be headed with a man whose face sells a millions of products. Coupled with that is a psychological belief that a man with proper looks can seldom shelter a devil beneath.

Fashionable Clothes Man – Health and Hygiene

One of the first things that you should focus on is hygiene. Gone are those days when a smelly rough and tough macho male attracted the male gaze. Mindsets change and with type people come to love a person who doesn’t smell like a skunk but thinks and feels like a man. Bathing regularly, avoiding tiger claws, shearing nose and ear hair which gives wool a run for its money. Wash your hair, do not be a breeding ground for lice and dandruff, the day you bring out that satin black shirt fro your wardrobe, you are in for serious trouble. Snow flakes will shower earlier than people expected.

Don’t have Misconceptions about Yourself

Firstly, get this straight, you cant possibly carry off every cloth piece available in the market unless you are someone like Johnny Depp! It just seems like a bizarre proposition to try out costumes which scandalize your physique and skin tone. You an hide tons of flab and look graceful if you got your fashion sense in the right place. Making faux pas might seem an easy way out, after all wardrobe malfunctions are now a genre by themselves.

Getting your Basics Right

Talking about wardrobes, what are the five must haves in your one?

1.) Several pairs of jeans for different occasions. We have come a long way from the rudimentary coir to denim, lycra, and other such stuff. Designs and cuts and pocket numbers make a heaven and hell difference.
2.) A white cotton shirt and a black satin one. These are things you can pair up with almost each and every other outfit but still let a fashion conscious person guide you.
3.) A versatile jacket if you don’t have several already
4.) Ties maketh a man look better. Exploit the entire breadth and expanse of the flee markets, shopping malls, neighbor’s wardrobe to find the ones which suit your mood best.
5.) Shoes should include a pair of converse, floaters, moccasins, travel shoes.

Other than the above list, you must include bits and pieces of accessories which accentuate your personality. If you are a corporate honcho, obviously you won’t invest in crazy bandanas and metal chains. That’s the wardrobe of a metal freak or a creative artist. You might settle for a classy Armani suit for the evening’s dinner party.

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