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Explore Grand Palace Bangkok About Your Next Vacation

Explore Grand Palace Bangkok About Your Next VacationBangkok Travel Asia

Bangkok Travel Asia – It’s not that I hate my job, in fact, I really like it. But I still really hope to take leave every year and load the family on our annual vacation. You might say that this is my favorite part of the year.

That’s why I want to make sure we have the most amazing time, every time. Now my family always wants to do the same boring thing. Whether it’s an amusement park like Disney World or a Beach in the Bahamas or Mexico.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice vacation. But once you’ve done everything, you don’t really want to go back! We want something a little more interesting! I want something that I can talk to my friends about the closing words for the next few months without getting them bored! I want, as much adventure as you can have with some young people behind it.

In my mind, Asia is the most exciting place on the planet. And with our shrinking global world, now it’s more important than ever for us to explore and understand Asia.

Bangkok Travel Asia

That’s why I suggest you plan your next trip to check out the Grand Palace of Bangkok.

As the name suggests, Grand Palace is located in Bangkok Thailand.

This is a palace that is rather strange according to the Western way we see things because the real King does not live there. They only use it for ceremonial events and very important things like that.

Therefore, you cannot really enter one of the four palace buildings. But you can see them from the outside and let me tell you, they are something to see! Ironically, the biggest palace building was built by England around 1890.

The palace is a set of bright and bright buildings. The colors orange, green, red, and yellow bombard your senses. This is the color of their religion, Buddhism, and the palace symbolizes them.

Of course, while there, you can visit many other sites offered by Bangkok. No longer has a slum reputation like before. I’m sure you can still find the sailor’s side, but it doesn’t sink in like it used to. So you can feel safe taking your children there.

When we think of Asia, we think of China or Japan, but Southeast Asia also has a lot, if not more to offer without Chinese communism which is frightening and high prices and crazy crowds in Japan. I highly recommend that you see the entire region for your next vacation, and pay special attention to Thailand. You will not regret it!

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