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Enjoy Johannesburg Offbeat On Your South Africa Travel Plan This Summer

Enjoy Johannesburg Offbeat On Your South Africa Travel Plan This Summer

South Africa Travel For locals, Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, is very favored by Joburg or Jozi; and when you are done with your visit to this crowded metropolitan city, chances are there will be a little or two of love you have for this place itself.

Johannesburg is a city that lives with extreme extremes. It has strong roots in European culture as well as African culture; there is business, culture and the highest order of art in the old world atmosphere and its glittering skyscrapers; and there are miles of slum cities, traffic that doesn’t know the law, and people, people everywhere. The city is home to some of the worst apartheid atrocities ever known; and it is home to an inspiring struggle for freedom.

When you visit South Africa

When you visit South Africa, a trip to Johannesburg must be the main destination of your trip; this city may be rather dangerous in some quieter areas, but most of the places you want to visit are quite large.

Let’s discuss some of the best Jozi attractions in pubs and restaurants, art galleries and more. Let’s start with Arts on Main, many interesting shops, all hidden in a renovated warehouse right in the city center. The entire company is part of the city’s plan to take advantage of the city’s history. There are a dozen galleries and small bohemian shops that must easily spend several hours exploring. See the details.

history to plan your South Africa

If you want a piece of history to plan your South Africa trip this time, try the Market Theater, otherwise known as the Theater of the Struggle. During apartheid, theater management felt that art could have a major contribution to making the country’s political struggle, and often featured performances that challenged government policy. Visit there today, and you will see some of the best that South African art and music has to offer. See the details.

In accordance with the theme of apartheid, what about the trip out to the outskirts of Soweto, a large place that all black people in Johannesburg are forced to leave every night in the apartheid era, after their work in the city is finished? Soweto stands out in the country’s struggle for independence, and is home to hundreds of thousands of black South Africans. Things aren’t as hopeless here as they once were. The economy in Soweto is booming, and the energy in the air is very clear. Definitely, what about the two Nobel Peace Prize winners who live there, on the same street (Jalan Vilakazi) no less. What is South Africa’s travel plan that will be complete without a visit to Nelson

Mandela’s house

Mandela’s house (converted to a museum now)? For a few authentic Soweto dishes, try Nambitha Eatery, Sakhumzi Restaurant, and Wandies Place. You can be inside to treat with beef tail stew and other South African delicacies.
If you really want to connect with earth in South Africa, visit the world heritage site Cradle of Humankind. Only half an hour out of town, and here you will find an amazing exhibition of where the human race originated. Sterkfontein Cave is part of the tour, and they contain the oldest fossils of pre-Homosapien primates ever found. Or what if you try the site of one of the coolest gold mines ever, the Old Kromdraai Gold Mine?


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