EHIC Travel Insurance

EHIC – A Valuable Friend For Family Travel Insurance

EHIC – A Valuable Friend For Family Travel Insurance

EHIC Travel Insurance – Family travel insurance is very important for families who go abroad. At least for those who cannot afford to spend hundreds or thousands of Euros when they encounter unexpected problems. One special protection that will be very helpful in terms of medical expenses is the European Health Insurance Card – or EHIC. If you are really new to EHIC, here are some more important things you need to know. But of course accompanied by a warning: this is not a substitute for family travel insurance.

What is EHIC Travel Insurance?

The European Health Insurance Card is a card that gives you health care benefits throughout the European Union along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. Effectively providing coverage for more than 32 countries in Europe. EHIC is a useful addition to family travel insurance packages. Especially when you get sick or have an accident while traveling abroad. If you have a card, you are entitled to the same health care benefits as ordinary citizens in your host country.

What Does Free Health Service Mean?

It really depends on where you are and the nature of your medical needs. Some countries provide free health services as long as you seek medical care from state facilities. Others reduce costs significantly, meaning you still have to pay a portion of the amount that depends on health care policies in your host country. Also, you will only be covered if the treatment is urgent and cannot wait until you return to your host country. This means that you cannot use EHIC for ‘medical tourism’ where you travel abroad to seek medical treatment. From a foreign specialist or to reduce costs when compared to the UK.

Why do I have to get personal protection when I already have EHIC Travel Insurance?

While EHIC is a great supplement, the biggest problem is that you will be forced to look for state facilities to treat. The country’s facilities are often very few. Meaning you have to travel far enough to take advantage of the coverage provided. You might even be forced to go to a private hospital and end up paying bills in the event of an emergency. Another big problem is that a small portion of medical costs can still hurt your account balance if the amount is large enough. Family travel insurance with additional health coverage can cover this amount to the point. Where you don’t have to worry about your own expenses.

Will My EHIC Cover My Entire Family?

Cards are only valid for named individuals, meaning you have to get a card for each member of your family. The card itself is free of charge, so you only have to worry about taking care of the documents. It should also be borne in mind that only those over the age of 16 can apply for EHIC themselves. And that children under the age of 16 can get their own cards by filling in the ‘dependent’ part of the application.

Remember all this, and you will realize how important EHIC tools are in traveling in Europe. Pair with good free Web Content, a comprehensive family travel insurance policy and everyone will be well protected.

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