Travel To Asia

Travel to Asia and experience the difference Traveling is the most enjoyable hobby, there are many places in the world to travel. Some are good in Religion, some in Culture, some in Tradition and these topics don’t end. Travel shows experience, pleasure, pleasure, learning, and more that make life moreRead More →

Asian General Travel

The General Overview Of Asian Travel Asian General Travel – Just as Chinese painters of many centuries ago focused their art on the natural world. So do modern photographers capture the varied images of the Asian landscape. Therefore, Photographic images of Asia reveal the photographer’s response to the varied culturesRead More →

Mactan Island Philippines

Mactan Island Philippines – Make Your Tourist Attraction Next   Mactan Island Philippines – History, culture and religion, you will not find flaws on Mactan Island. The legendary battle of Mactan Island involving the famous Portuguese conqueror explorer Ferdinand Magellan and the Filipino hero that people have claimed Lapu-Lapu isRead More →

HongKong Asia Travel

HongKong – The Best Way To Start Exploring Asia?   HongKong Asia Travel – Five days in Hong Kong don’t seem enough. Once you finally succeed (and believe me even for a surprising little island, this is more difficult for you to realize). And once you visit most of theRead More →

Trunyan Bali

Skulls & Bones at Trunyan village Skulls & Bones at Trunyan village – The Indonesia Aga of Trunyan will be the original Balinese and possess resided round the island for hundreds of years before the mighty Majapahit empire from Java started to colonize the entire island similar to it didRead More →