African Travel Insurance

African Travel Insurance: What Coverage Do You Need In Safari?

African Travel Insurance: What Coverage Do You Need In Safari?

African Travel Insurance – Before setting out on your travels, it is essential to consider purchasing comprehensive travel insurance for Africa. Take time and search for the best one. If nothing else, purchase it solely for emergency medical reasons that may arise, covering the cost of medical evacuations from the country.

Many packages also offer extended services to baggage, flight departure, and other travel related issues that may arise. Take a look at the activities you may be considering while along with your safari, whether it is trekking, skydiving, or quad-biking, the risk of these activities may prove to be the reason to purchase Africa travel insurance. Many policies come with emergency numbers, make sure to keep this number accessible and make several copies.

There was a time I had purchased my flight to Namibia with connections from London, Jo’burg, to Windhoek. I scheduled it for Air Namibia from London, and Air Namibia decided they would no longer fly this route. If I hadn’t purchased travel insurance I would have been out nearly US$2,000 with nothing I could do, a reason to consider purchasing a well comprehensive package.

Often Africa travel insurance packages will not cover petty thefts but it is worth your time to make a police report. Remember to keep the police report and case number for future reference to insurance claims. Insure valuables named for travel under your home contents insurance. Often what you claim can replace it with a cheaper one just by buying a new item. Buy comprehensive travel insurance as soon as possible to ensure all your needs are in place before you embark on your journey.

What if you’re traveling to more than one country in Africa?

We should be able to cover you from the date that you leave your home country until the date that you return. If it is a one-way trip, we will cover you up until you arrive at your final destination. This means we can cover traveling to multiple destinations as part of your holiday.

To make sure you’re covered, check:

  • That the policy you’ve chosen covers you for all the regions that you plan to visit
  • None of the places you’re visiting are against the recommendation of the FCO
  • That the duration of your holiday is covered – different policies have different maximum trip lengths
  • You get all the visa requirements you need for each country you will visit

For more information, contact us or simply get a quote online.

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