Useful Travel Gadgets

7 Very Useful Travel Gadgets

7 Very Useful Travel Gadgets

Useful Travel Gadgets – There is no better time to exploit the use of gadgets than when you travel. For entertainment or comfort or convenience, there are tons of options to explore. Here is a list of my best choices that can really make a difference for your travel experience. A travel lover on your gift list will definitely be happy with one of these!

1. Monkey of Strength

The iPhone is the easiest gadget to use with its small size and a large number of applications. The only problem when you get application-intensive (such as when you travel) is the lack of battery life which impedes your use. This is where Monkey Power enters. This can recharge your phone, iPod, camera or other electronic devices when you are not near the plug. Large power reserves can produce up to 40 extra hours on your iPod! Includes adapters for charging overseas. $ 69 savior!

2. Amazon Kindle

With a one-week battery life (two weeks with wifi turned off) Amazon Kindle can supply your reading needs even for the longest trips. The anti-glare screen allows reading, even in direct sunlight, from one of 1,500 books that you can store in its memory. From a potential library of more than two million titles, you will never run out of reading options and many pre-1923 books that are not copyrighted are absolutely free. Even the books you pay are valued at a discount for the Kindle. Portable library for $ 189.

3. Apple iPad

For reading online, tweeting, Facebooking, watching movies, or just browsing the internet, the Apple iPad is far more convenient than your standard laptop. The battery lasts up to 11 or 12 hours depending on application usage, so the iPad can keep you entertained for all but the longest international flights. There are several crossovers with the Kindle, but with the versatility of the iPad (with 200,000 apps!), You have more choices than just reading to keep you busy. Work or have fun for $ 499.

4. Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Chargers

If you go out backpacking or engage in other activities that might keep you away from power sources, the Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger can do what Monkey Power can’t do – use sunlight to charge your cellphone or iPod. It can also charge from an electrical outlet, and store that power for up to one year. Solar power for $ 99.99.

5. Clip-On Bottle Holder

This practical carabiner has a doohickey attached to the neck of the water bottle, allowing you to attach it to a belt or backpack. Staying hydrated while traveling can be difficult, especially when rushing through the airport and waiting at the terminal, especially on flights. This little gadget ensures that you always have a water source that is easily accessible. A good gift for $ 7.85.

6. Eagle Creek Compact Comfort Travel Pillow

What list of gadgets would be complete without a travel pillow? If you are on a long and overnight flight, having a good neck pillow makes a big difference between deep sleep and a sore neck. The Eagle Creek Compact Travel Comfort Pillow is easily blown with just two quick breaths and deflates at the touch of a button. Save your neck for $ 19.85.

7. iPod / iPhone Video Projector

No bigger than a candy bar, this iPod Video Projector can project video images up to 60 “on adjacent walls or ceilings, so that I can watch movies in the position I like the most – inclined. (Preferably with more than just a large ship ) Delicious popcorn that is parked on my chest.) Useful when living in simple accommodations, this ensures you have some nighttime entertainment: This pocket-sized projector is not only compatible with iPods – it also works with other video devices with composite output, such as video cameras and laptop, $ 379.95.

This travel gadget is very helpful for entertaining every traveler, staying in touch, resting, and happy. Any of them can make the perfect gift for your favorite traveler (or for yourself)!

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