American Landmark Travel Destinations

10 American Landmark Travel Destinations on Growth Hormones

10 American Landmark Travel Destinations on Growth Hormones

American Landmark Travel Destinations bigger is better and there is no place more right than in the beautiful old US. Landmark of big spots in almost every corner of the American landscape and we have tried to bring you the best of the very big.

Here are 10 American Landmarks about Growth Hormones:

1. Giant Dresser: Highpoint, North Carolina

If you’ve ever wanted a bigger wardrobe, this is the place. Highboy’s 85-foot chest, 40 feet wide, is a rich furniture ode that makes Highpoint, North Carolina a legacy. Now, where can we find a giant sofa?

2. Giant Bat: Louisville, Kentucky

This is the legendary American bat, about steroids. Exemplified by the Louisville Slugger that was once used by Babe Ruth. This large giant made 6 full stories and weighed 68,000 pounds. Wherever your baseball loyalty lies, this is certainly worthy of swinging.

3. Giant Peach: Gaffney, South Carolina

Well, this isn’t peachy. Perched along the I-85, this genetically modified 65-foot-tall fruit is actually a water tower that holds more than 1 million gallons of water. The construction confirms once and for all that South Carolina (and not Georgia) is the largest producer of peaches in America.

4. Giant Snowman: Bethel, Maine

Take more than 13,000,000 pounds of snow, stack up 122 feet, wrap in a 130-foot long scarf, and you have yourself the greatest human being in the world with body temperatures below freezing.

5. Giant Beagle: Cottonwood, Idaho

There is much more in Idaho than potatoes and this, the biggest Beagle in the world is of course proof. As part of B & amp; B, you can lock in a giant puppy for the night, then bark at your friends.

6. Giant Thermometer: Baker, California

When it’s hot, the biggest thermometer in the world will tell you about it. Built to commemorate the hottest day in US history, mercury has a height of 134 feet to rise before reaching the peak.

7. Giant Peanut Shrine: Ashburn, Georgia

Going along I-75 through the charming city of Ashburn in the South, Georgia, you will pass one of the biggest beans you have ever seen (not including your crazy mother-in-law). 33 feet tall and 10 feet wide are impressive enough to get anyone out of their shells.

8. Giant Horseshoe Crab: Blanchester, Ohio

What is the best way to reinvest faith in the church? Build big horseshoe crabs of course. This 68-foot crustacean makes it a home in the Blanchester Religious Freedom Baptist parking lot. Run into wild animals, and you will find space for you and 64 others. We will pray for you.

9. Giant Cows: New Salem, North Dakota

Never think of turning over this giant. Salem Sue, the largest cow in the world, has a height of 38 feet and ends of the scale at 12,000 pounds. This is a very big cow, it will make you crazy.

10. Giant Dragon: Caryville Tennessee

Who would better guard the fireworks shop than the fire-breathing dragon? Come to think of it, it sounds like a dangerous combination. While dragons that stand close to Thunder Mountain Fireworks Factory don’t really breathe fire, its massive presence makes it an impressive force.

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