Video Travel Gadget

A Video Travel Gadget To Go With And One To Leave At Home Video Travel Gadget – When you read about which travel gadgets to buy, you usually get your standard list of the little things that make your trip that much more fun – the little hand-wound spring-powered radio,Read More →

South America

Experience The 3 Natural States Of Water In South America South America – In science class as children, we all learned of the 3 states of water: liquid, solid, and gas. But what kinds of wonders can be seen in real life based on these categories? On your next tripRead More →

Medical Checklist

A Traveler’s Medical Checklist And First Aid Medical Checklist – A few weeks before you are scheduled to travel, you should think about the medical supplies and first aid you need. This supply depends on your health and your goals. In addition to your passport, you must carry the immunizationRead More →

Best Travel Medicines

Best Travel Medicines To Bring When Traveling Best Travel Medicines – Last week my BFF gave me a re-cap of her Holiday family cruise vacation. As fun as the first few days were, it quickly turned into a traveling family’s nightmare when her 4 y.o. son got sick at sea.Read More →